Rules and Requirements

Information for Trashfest 2015 is under review. The information below is from Trashfest 2012 and is provided for reference only. Please check back periodically for updates.

Trashfest rules can also be found with the Trashfest Waiver.

1) Team Requirements: Up to 8 people per team – divers & non-divers are welcome. Team members may rotate between diving & grounds crew, as long as at least 2 members are out of the water at all times. All individual entrants will be assigned to a team if they do not already have one. Any team with less than eight people may be assigned more people as individuals register. All divers MUST present valid certification cards at registration.
2) Everything collected must come out of the Comal River during the hours of competition. The ground crew’s primary responsibility is to assist divers, but they may collect trash from along the river bank.
3) We will provide mesh onion sacks & plastic garbage bags. Teams are encouraged to bring their own bags, as well.
4) TrashFest does not provide transport of trash from the river to the weigh-in site. Teams are encouraged to recruit at least one person with a pickup truck to transport their trash.
5) Category of Entries:
i) Team Categories:
(a) Aggregate weight: anything man-made in the river EXCEPT CONCRETE
(b) Container count: Bottles, Cans, Cups, and Caps: (must be counted with judges’ supervision)
(c) Apparel count: Shoes, Sunglasses, Shirts, Hats, etc. (must be counted with the judges’ supervision)
ii) Individual Categories:
(a) Most Unusual Item (Adult): Age eighteen (18) years and older.
(b) Most Unusual Item (Youth): under age eighteen (18) years
*TGCC reserves the right to alter or adjust these categories and the number of places awarded in each.
6) Treasure Hunt: Items will be hidden in each section of the river. Participants will turn these items in at weigh-in for door prizes. Limit 1 item per participant. Details will be provided at check-in.
7) There may be more than one team assigned to a section. Please be aware that you may be diving with other teams.
8) Multiple teams (up to 3 teams, with a maximum of 24 people) may elect to draw one area of the river as a group:
a) Multiples must inform the judges in advance
b) ALL team members for ALL teams that are drawing together must be present at registration before the teams can draw their area.
c) Multiples can only draw their own area as long as there is an available river section that has not already been assigned to another team. Once all river sections have a team assigned to them, we cannot guarantee multiples will be placed together.
d) Only one captain draws for the designated area for the entire group
e) Individual teams must not share or trade trash for the purpose of winning “Super Scooper” t-shirts. It is up to the captain of each team to see that trash is turned in separately for each team in the group.
9) Team captains will be given wristbands for each person on their team. They do not need to be worn while diving, but are required to be worn at the dinner/awards ceremony. These serve as both the meal ticket and the door prize ticket. (Be sure you can see the numbers on the end.) Lost wristbands will cost $10 to replace.
10) Please respect private property. Make sure you have the property owner’s permission before entering.
11) Any un-sportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. The decision of the judges is final.


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Board Meeting

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7 pm, March 1 at Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet St, Houston TX