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Banquet 2009

This year our banquet was held as a catered luncheon at Bayland Community Center. We needed the extra space for the large number of awards to be presented and wanted to make this more of an annual meeting than a social dinner event. It was a great success and we had over 60 guests. The food was fantastic thanks to our caterer and TGCC Secretary, Todd Rushing. We had plenty of space and all the logistics were in order. After an hour of socializing, we opened the buffet tables and people quickly filled their plates and were seated.
After lunch, the awards ceremony was led off by member clubs presenting their awards, of which HUPS had quite a few. Then the council's own awards were presented and we also had quite a few. We had the Member of the Year, the Neptune Award, two Service Awards, and nine Lifetime Achievement Awards. After the awards had all been presented, Joanne gave a short presentation on Trashfest 2009 and we played a video taken from Trashfest 2008. We appreciate everyone who turned out and supported us throughout the year and we hope to see you back again next year.
Todd Hasken TGCC President

Banquet 2008

The banquet was a great success and turnout significantly exceeded expectations. The food was great as usual, the number of people made for a long buffet line for the veggies and salad but the waitstaff kept us supplied with drinks. When the dinner began, the meat kept arriving in waves. Then came trays of yummie desserts. I don't think anyone left less than fully satisfied.
After dinner, the awards ceremony was started by having member clubs present their awards, followed by ther council's own awards. The TGCC Member of the Year was awarded to Jim Morrison (CHUM) in recognition of his persistent efforts in pursuing artificial reef projects over many years, particularly the Texas Clipper. The Neptune Diver award, based on points from sanctioned events, went to Roger Veteto (CHUM) for his service as chairman of Trashfest 2007 and Seaspace volunteer.
TGCC thanks everyone who attended the banquet, who participated in Seaspace and Trashfest, and who has promoted the local diving community in various ways. Now let's go have another great year of diving and follow it with another great banquet next year.
Todd Hasken TGCC Vice President


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Board Meeting

The next TGCC Board meeting will be via email for November