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Knowing that a more informed diver is a safer diver, and understanding that covering the news in depth is beyond our scope, we are providing these links to other news sources. These links will open a new browser window.
(last update 01 January 2018)

  • Consider this article Jesse Concelmo wrote that’s in January Dive Training magazine. It’s about giving back to the ocean. We need all the ocean advocates we can find! Passion to Purpose One person’s story of transforming from diving enthusiast to ocean advocate.
  • Please note the following safety recall for this brand of BC…
    Aqua Lung Expands Recall of Buoyancy Compensators Due to Drowning Hazard
  • Harte Research Institute, an endowed research component of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, is dedicated to advancing the long-term sustainable use and conservation of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Status Of Converting Oil Rig HI-389A Into An Artificial Reef
    In short, we are moving closer to achieving our goal of having the recently decommissioned platform in the FGBNMS converted into an in-place artificial reef, although its cut point may be a little deeper than we would like. Some information on this is as follows:It is true that a major step has been taken by the owner of HIA-389A, The FGBNMS, the State of Texas and BSEE to set a course for a “partial removal”. This was discussed at a SAC meeting in Galveston. Aspects currently undecided include:
    1. Cut-off depth. 72 ft or 85 ft., depend upon navigational aid (lighted buoy) requirements.
    2. Whether conductors will be removed or retained
    W&T, the owner, has agreed in principal to a partial removal, and has agreed that all cuts will be mechanical. No explosives will be used.
    The remaining structure will become part of the State of Texas Rigs to Reef Program.
    The next step is a MOU (Memo of Understanding) between FGBNMS and TPWL R2R Program. That will be followed by a re-application for Permit by W&T.
    BSEE (formerly part of MMS) is onboard for the partial removal of HIA389A platform in the FGBNMS.
  • Shark deterrent wetsuit video Hamish Jolly, an ocean swimmer in Australia, wanted a wetsuit that would deter a curious shark from mistaking him for a potential source of nourishment. Working with a team of scientists, he and his friends came up with a fresh approach — not a shark cage, not a suit of chain-mail, but a sleek suit that taps our growing understanding of shark vision.
  • Great White in the Gulf This is not a good video, but the story that accompanies it is worth reading: “What made the story interesting and unusual was that it is EXTREMELY RARE for either killer whales are great white sharks to come into the GOM. The reason is they can not stay very long and if they do enter the GOM, they will starve to death if they stay very long. In the video researchers were surprised that a second great white was in the GOM. Usually there are none. I do not think either one has ever been seen or caught at the flower gardens.” George Clark
  • Okeanos Explorer From 10 April to 01 May 2014, a team of scientists and technicians both at sea and on shore conducted exploratory investigations on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. This was the third leg of a 59-day expedition focused on acquiring data on priority exploration areas identified by the ocean management and science communities. Check out the Photo Gallery.
    Thank you Kelly Drinnen for this reality show.
    By the way, she has posted even more pictures on FGBNMS’s Facebook page.
  • Coastal Conservation Association The latest on fishery issues in your region and on federal issues.
  • Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – What’s up on land? What’s going on down in the sanctuary?
  • DAN News & Events – News relating to Divers Alert Network and diver safety.
  • Dive News Wire – Press release distribution system servicing the recreational scuba diving, adventure travel, resort and watersports industries in the South Asia, Australia and South Pacific region.
  • PADI News – News From Around the Globe relating to Professional Association of Diving Instructors and scuba diving.
  • UnderCurrent – The diver’s source for unbiased, ad-free reviews of dive destinations, operations, and equipment since 1975.
  • UnderwaterTimes – The daily journal of life in and around the water.


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